Format for Affidavit Of Support

All international students applying for US universities need to submit an affidavit of support signed by your sponsors. It should certify that your sponsors would take care of all your expenses during your course. The sponsors should have liquid funds exceeding your 1 year expenses at the university.

The affidavit should be submitted in original. It should be on a Rs.10(ten) stamp paper and attested by notary with a 'Valid Outside India' stamp. The following is a sample format for the affidavit:

To Whom it May Concern

This is to notify, that I / we, ______________ (father) and ___________ (mother) of ____________________ residing at _____________________ India undertake complete financial and moral responsibility of his / her education at your college. I / We will be taking care of _____________’s overall tuition, living, books, medical, traveling and other expenses during his stay in USA. I have current Liquid balance of Rupees________________ Lac rupees, which is equivalent to US dollar ___________________ (approx.) to support my son’s annual educational expenditure at your campus.

________________                           ___________________
(Father)                                   (Mother)


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