Living Expenses Estimates

One of the most common questions incoming students to US have is about the living expenses. Living expenses vary from person to person and the university. Most universities are in small towns and are low on expenses. Though there might be some in the metropolis for which you will have to shell out more bucks for your living. Generally, students spend almost the same amount everywhere but the comforts vary. Students in big city get less comforts for the same amount, while there peers might have a better lifestyle in smaller cities.

In this post, I try to summarize the average living expenses of a student in US universities. Please note that the accuracy of this estimate depends on your lifestyle. I have seen students managing in $400, while some of there peers might be spending $800 in the same city.

The normal expenditure if you live your life normally and not lavishly will be as follows:
* Rents: (Varies according to places including gas, water and electricity) $250 to $350 if you have a roomy sharing room with you. $400 to $500 if you want your own room.
* Phone: $35(family plan) to $50(individual plan) per month
* Insurance: $30 to $50 per month
* Grocery: $75 to $125 per month
* Total: $500 to $600 per month. (Some places, the total amount per month can reach upto $700)

There might be more expenses if you need to buy a car (that's rare, but if you are enrolled in Ph.D. you would like to consider that) or have other typical lifestyle expenses. Also, you might spend some money eating out, shopping and going for trips etc. Most of these expenses should be around $200-$500 for most people. You might also want to save money while shopping for books, electronics, travel etc. by finding some great deals in US.

I would recommend everyone to take care of there expenses. Do keep track of all your spending and make sure you have a budget for it. Budget all your expenses and keep a reserve for emergencies.

Have a pleasant stay in the US!
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Earn a Degree Online

In these hard economic times, where job lay-offs are becoming common, the only way to keep an edge over others is to get a new degree to add skills to your profile. Managing a full-time degree by taking a sabatical from your job is not always a good idea. So, a degree from an online university can come to your rescue.

Selecting the best online degree is not always easy. There's a plethora of options available to do a degree online. A lot of research goes into selecting a good degree. There are a lot of services providing you info about these degress. eLearners gives you an opportunity to search for the best online bachelors degree.

They provide great information about the universities. They help you get info about the program, the university and other specific details about the degree. They also give you the accreditation information about the university. Whats more, you can also request information about that program from their website itself.

The website has an excellent serach functionality which allowa you to search degree by the field of study you are interested in. They also provide a lot of related articles on online education and help you make an informed decision. It also has blogs and forums for discussions. Also, you get information about scholorships to help you fund your education. So, start your search for online bachelors degrees.
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Get the best Travel Deals in US

Most international students are used to travel agents who offer the cheapest travel deals. But they find it hard to find such travel agents in US. Tripology offers a free service for you to find the most appropriate travel agent for you in US. Just submit your itinerary and get response from 3 travel experts who will give you the best possible deals.

You will be offered the best Travel Deals through travel agents to save time and money. You are matched to the best of over 6,000 travel experts who plan the trips you want to take. You can block your tickets as you did back home and pay before you travel. They also have India specific travel agents. So, next time you plan a journey home do use the service and get great results.

Its not just the international ticketing. They also provide you with best deals if you are planning for a vacation. Many of you would like to go for a vacation in US. Just fill in your destination and get the best customized vacation plan with air tickets, stay, meals and transportation. You'll get the most out of your pre-planned vacation.

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Search for FreeLance Work to Earn Money

Work at Home and Earn an Excellent Income
Imagine being able to work from your own home, doing a job you love, and getting paid handsomely for doing it. Wouldn't that be great?

Well, the good news is that this is not just a fantasy. It is a prospect that is well within your reach. Today, millions of people worldwide have established highly-successful careers as freelance professionals. Writers, designers, programmers and many other home-based consultants have discovered that freelancing offers the perfect combination of freedom, creativity, flexibility and profitability.

So do you need years of experience and fantastic qualifications to join these lucky people? Not at all. You just need a skill that you can offer to potential clients, and the willingness to learn how to run a home-based business.

Of course, the biggest challenge for new freelancers is finding enough work to justify giving up a day job. How can you be sure that you will keep yourself busy with lucrative work? This used to be a concern, but thanks to the advent of the Internet, things are now much easier.

Now there are a number of job sites dedicated to helping freelancers find work and stay busy. Freelance Work Exchange, for example, brings you hundreds of fresh freelance jobs like these:

Write for Discussion Boards: $1200 per week, plus bonus
A writer is needed for an ongoing writing project. You will need to write copy to stimulate others into joining the discussion board. The writer needs to actively encourage regular and meaningful debate on the relevant discussion board, with some moderating of the content. You must have solid writing skills and good ideas.

Administer a Web Business from Home: $4000 per month
A successful e-commerce venture is seeking a part-time virtual assistant to act as a home-based office manager. You will deal with email correspondence, update site content and deal with general admin issues. You should have your own computer and Internet access.

Transcribe Author's Notes: $80 per hour, flexible working
A publishing company is seeking a freelance with an eye for detail to transcribe authors' notes and recordings for a range of ongoing projects. You must have a good grasp of English, be able to edit content into readable form, and be able to submit work from home by email.

You can sign up for a trial subscription for just $2.95, and get instant access to all the projects in the jobs database. So if you would like to get started on the road to freelance success right now, click here to sign up today.
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How To Avoid A Scholarship Scam

The best way to avoid being the victim of a scholarship scam is to remember the old adage: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a scholarship search service promises you a scholarship, run the other way. If someone insists that for $5 or $30 or $50, he will guarantee you a scholarship, it is definitely a scam.

Yes, there are lots of scholarship dollars available, but the truth is that no one can secure a scholarship for you but you. Only the prospective student can do the work of filling out forms, sending transcripts, and writing essays.

A legitimate scholarship search service provides information that is current and accurate; it is an information source. Take for instance. They have invested the resources to explore and compile scholarship data from all over the map. A good scholarship search service has a team of research specialists that constantly updates award information.

What good is 2006 award information to a 2007 high school graduate? When looking for a valid, trustworthy scholarship search company, verify that the information you are getting is current. Look for a service like that compiles their own database of awards and delivers up-to-date data.

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