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US Calling is an information resource for all those people who are planning for USA or are already in the USA for education or job. It has a vision to help people aiming for this great destination to pursue their careers.

The blog incorporates posts about admission procedures, standardized exams (like the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL), employment, visa issues and other FAQs for making your journey comfortable. We would also feature experiences of people who have gone through all these processes.

This friendly site would guide you throughout your planning for this destination. It would also help you to find answers while you are in the USA. It will make you aware of things, situations to expect and enlighten you with facts to make your experience easy.

This blog is a part of the series of other informational blogs, viz:
CONTRIBUTIONS: This blog features posts by contributors like you who would like to share their knowledge and experience with others. If you have something which you believe could be beneficial for the readers, please email us at usblogs[at]gmail[dot]com. We would give you full credit for all your efforts.

DISCLAIMER: This is just out of our experience and should be considered as an advice rather than final authoritative statements, which may be arguable. We want you to enjoy your trip to the U.S. as much as possible. You bet.

All the best!! :-)


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