Setting the Document Folder for Visa Interview

While going for a Visa interview, there are numerous documents which you need to carry along with you. The documents are of three types - legal, academic and financial. Legal documents include your passport, fee receipts, I20 etc; academic documents include your degree, marksheets and score reports; and financial documents include your CA statements and other supporting documents. [See, Documents for Visa for a checklist of required documents.]

It is suggested that you arrange these documents in a harmonium folder having 12 pockets. The pockets should be properly labeled so that you can have easy access to these documents at the moment you are asked for them. Here is a recommended arrangement for these documents:

1: Passport, HDFC Bank Receipts, DS Forms (Appointment Letter, 156, 157 158), SEVIS Receipt and I 20. DS 156, DS 158 and I 20 needs to be signed.

2: CA Statement, Bank Statement and Affidavit of Support. Bank loan sanction or pre sanction paper in case one has that.

3: Score Reports (SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL)

4: Mark sheets (10th and 12th with the Passing Certificate and Bachelor’s Mark sheet with the Final or Provisional Degree. If the degree is not available then the Bonafide Certificate will do. )

5: Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose and Resume (Graduate Students)

6: In case of students that have work experience, Appointment Letter, Salary Slip and also the Income Tax Papers (if paid).

7: Supporting documents for the Liquid Assets. This will include all the things that are listed in the CA documents, liquid section. E.g. – Pass Books or Bank Statements, FD’s, LIC Policies, Kisan Vikas Patras etc.

8: Supporting documents for the Immovable Assets. This will include registration papers for the property and also the evaluation report of the properties that are listed in the CA documents.

9: Income Tax Returns and also the Salary Certificate On The Sponsor or the Salary Slip.

10: Acceptance letter from the university, any financial award statement. Also, carry copies of correspondence with professors, if any.

11: Other Acceptances and Rejections

12: Certificate of Achievements


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