Make Cheap International Calls

Most of you who are planning/going to USA would be making a lot of calls to seniors and university officials. The costs of these calls from normal phones is very high. But, you can make international calls at the charges of a local call through internet without any compromise in the voice quality.

Skype is the best service for making cheap international calls and is most widely used. It delivers crystal clear sound just like a normal phone. Calls to US can be made for as little as $0.021 - thats just over 2 cents, even less than Re. 1. You can buy credits for as little as $10 and use it till it gets over (though, you would need to make atleast one call in 6 months to prevent it from getting expired). You can also take a unlimited calls subscription for just $2.95 month, which also gives you a free international phone number and a voicemail box.

You will need to download a small Skype software to be able to make these calls. This software allows you to make free computer-to-computer calls and even supports video calls. You need to buy credits to make calls to landlines and mobiles in USA. You just need to connect a headphone and a mic to start talking. Also, a variety of devices(Skype phones) are available which can be configured with Skype by changing the software's input/output device settings. These devices allow you to dial numbers like from a normal telephone instrument. It is ideal to buy one for your family, so that they can get a familiar interface when they need to talk to you.

So, click here to download Skype and buy credits to make cheap international calls.

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